So you’ve discovered your purpose, walked through you plan and are now ready for execution…(if not, click START HERE)

Now What?  Do I have to do this alone?

Nope, you don’t have to go it alone – God has you covered and we do also.  The Be Great Thinkpods were created with you in mind.  The Thinkpods are biblically-centered mastermind groups.

Mastermind groups, as defined by Napoleon Hill, are “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose…Every mind needs friendly contact with other minds, for food of expansion and growth.”

These groups are uniquely designed to bring together like-minded individuals who are serious about walking boldly in their purpose.  The members of the group will provide support and accountability, share ideas and leverage each other’s collective experience in the spirit of love, honesty and respect.  The groups expand a 3-month period with each member setting defined goals to be accomplished within that period of time.

Overall Goals

The overall goals of the Thinkpods are:

  • Gain new insights and explore new possibilities – tune into untapped potential and resources
  • Focus in on short-term goals – specifically action items that support the vision
  • See real, measurable progress in respective ventures
  • Develop an immediate and reliable support network (personal advisory board)
  • Tap into inspiration and positive energy to carry into the days and weeks that follow

We have a devised a detailed synopsis defining all of the logistics for the groups.  Take a minute to download and read it in its entirety.  It is crucial that you understand that joining a Thinkpod is a serious commitment.  We are ALL about RESULTS…

Next Steps

After you have read through the rules and regulations, complete the initial questionnaire below.

Registration will open in January 2016…