BGM 04: The Key to Doing What You Love

90% of the people told me there’s no way you will be successful in starting your own firm…so I begin to meditate on the Word, and every time there was disappointment I would hear God say, “Just Trust Me”…Now I have developed this situation into a million dollar opportunity and those same people that said I don’t think you will be successful are now coming to me saying, “how can I help?”

Gianno Caldwell, a charismatic, confident, and awesome young man brings his energy to the show today as a co-host and guest. He believes as we do at Be Great Ministries that “Everyone has greatness inside of them.” Gianno lives by this principle everyday, whether he is lobbying on Capitol Hill, speaking on Fox News, CNN Live, News One with Rolan Martin or chatting with his friends. As the conversation unfolds, you will hear a lot more about his journey from the Southside of Chicago to being a sought after entrepreneur in Washington DC. This episode is loaded with strategies of how you can rise above the odds and achieve greatness.

More About Gianno Caldwell

Gianno is the founder and principal of Caldwell Strategic Consulting. He is a political strategist, federal lobbyist, entrepreneur and commentator on major networks like CNN and Fox News. He credits God and men like Dr. Bill Winston, Armstrong Williams and his grandfather for influencing and impacting his life. Dr Winston, he says, opened his eyes to see that “possibilities are within him.” It was his grandfather who peaked his interest in politics when he told him that politicians were the ones who had the ability to make an immediate difference to the lives of people. This was important to him, because as he lives in his purpose, he wants to “leave this world a better place than when he came.”

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Politics, Lobbying, and Faith

If you ever wanted to hear a young man who loves what he does, then listen in. It is no secret that Gianno is walking in his purpose and he is loving it. He loves being a lobbyist petitioning government on the behalf of others. He loves being a political strategist and being on major television networks. However, one thing is sure: he also loves God and the Word of God. You will be delighted as he shares about his faith, the significant role it plays in his life, the difference it makes, and how meditation on the Word and “checking in with God” have changed the course to his destination in ways that he never expected.

How to Succeed Despite Your History

We all have a history, some good, others not so good. Does it really matter? Can people – young or old, men or women- actually rise from the ashes like the phoenix despite their background, their environment, education or lack thereof or family dynamics? On this program, Gianno shares his perspective and speaks frankly and confidently about what he believes. Additionally, he points you in the direction to success and offers strategies you can use to make sure that you can recognize your value, embrace your future and make a difference – because – “it’s not mediocre!”

When Everyone Says it Can’t be Done

When you are walking in your purpose, and you have a clear vision of who and where you want to be, not everyone will share that vision for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it may be hard to find even one person to see where you are headed. So, what do you do when there is discouragement everywhere and the support you are looking for is evasive? Gianno has traveled this road, he knows what it’s like and he has a lot to say about it. As a matter of fact, when he determined that he would become an entrepreneur and establish his own business, 90 % of the people he consulted told him he would not succeed. Today, those same people are seeking him out, knocking at his door wanting to be a part of his vision. How did he do it? As you listen in to this Be Great Ministries podcast he will share his experiences, and show you how to “expect” the unexpected” and “jump in” with God despite the negativity that surrounds you.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to get started in politics
  • What is a lobbyist?
  • How God can change your course for the better
  • An Amazing story of Gianno’s grandmother
  • And much More

So, Let’s Do This!!!

Gianno’s Book Recommendation

The Kingdom of God in You: Discover the Greatness of God’s Power Within by Dr. Bill Winston.  Gianno says, “We need to know who we are as believers, we need to know our rights as believers, we need to be able to stand firm when situations don’t look as though they are going to work out.”

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy.  We will receive a small percentage of the sale, at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for your consideration in supporting our ministry.

Other Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Be Great Ministries Bookclub – This month’s book is For the Love:  Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards   by Jen Hatmaker.  We will discuss this book via the podcast and hopefully Blab on the last Tuesday of the month.  Please share your comments using #BGMbookclub on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Get your copy today, CLICK HERE.

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