Hi, I’m Anita “AC” Clinton, founder and overseer of Be Great Ministries (BGM).

So, how did we get here?  It’s a funny story.  Well, it’s funny now, but it surely wasn’t funny when it was happening.

At the end of each year, for the last 7 years, I have set goals for the incoming year.  However, 2014 was a little different.  I sat down to set my 2015 goals, and I got nothing.  Typically during this time, I get with God and we flow – but not this time.  I was like, God, what are we doing in 2015?  STILL, NOTHING!!!

Therefore, I went into 2015 with no goals and so I opted to just work on my book – “Destiny Starter: The Ultimate Guide To Discovering, Strategizing and Executing God’s Plan For Your Life.”

That was until around February.  I was sitting in church and Pastor Melva Henderson of World Outreach Center was preparing to deliver the message.  However, before she began, she paused and called a couple from audience to the altar.  She began to speak into their lives and as she was prophesying to them, I was sitting in my seat with my hands stretched toward them, praying in the spirit.

As I’m praying, I clearly hear God say, “it’s time for you to start your ministry!”  I paused and was like – WHAT?  I immediately go back to praying in the spirit, and I hear it again – “it’s time for you to start your ministry!”  My response this time was, “ok, let’s talk about this after church.” 

I get out church and that particular Sunday, I was driving to Chicago.  In route, I begin to plead my case with God.  I did not and have NEVER wanted to be in Ministry.  I have been in church since I can remember and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a very young age.  My spiritual foundation is solid, but being in Ministry was not a part of my plans.  My passion is entrepreneurship.  I have been in some form of entrepreneurship for the last 20 years and I LOVE IT!!!

Needless to say, tears were streaming down my face.  I did not agree with God, and I was very vocal with Him about my disagreement.  I called a couple of friends to share the message I had received and they each said the exact same thing, in the exact same vernacular – “Anita, it’s not what you think!”

This argument with God, yeah it was an argument, went on for another 2-3 months.  I simply was not in agreement – Ministry was not how I saw my life going…PERIOD!


One day as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw the image to the right.  After looking at this image, the waterworks began to flow…I was so clear that this was a message for me from GOD.

I was that little girl tightly holding on to what I thought was my destiny – not knowing that God had something much bigger and better in store for me.  In that moment, I stopped and said “YES”.  And God began to upload BGM…and here’s the AMAZING part – not only do I get to apply all of my experiences in business, but I get to be a blessing to others.

I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!  And as I look back over all the tears and all the time I wasted…I’m clear that at the end of the day, God always knows best.

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