“When we are walking in our purpose, it not only transforms our individual lives, but it changes the experience that we all have in the world!” ~Anita "AC" Clinton


Hey there, I am Anita “AC” ClintonMinister, Trainer, Author.

I serve people who desperately want to fulfill their purpose on earth and make a difference in our world.  I show them how to discover, strategize and execute God’s plan for their lives, so they can live an extraordinary life.

While at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), I had high hopes of becoming a professional basketball player.  That was until a traumatic knee injury crushed my dreams.  At that time in my life, my entire identity was wrapped inside the sport that I loved and excelled at.  And when basketball was no longer an option for me – I was lost.  I didn’t know who I was outside of basketball and, as a result, I decided my life was no longer worth living.  I swallowed a cocktail of pills, said a small apologetic prayer to God and laid down with the plan not to wake up again.

But our God had another plan for my life…not only did He save me, but He led me on this 20-year journey to get to this AMAZING place I find myself grounded on today.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the “20-year” part was all on me…it took that long for me to personally grow and develop to a level where I wouldn’t sabotage God’s blessing. During that extended journey, I learned so much valuable information (and I’m still learning) that I now share with others.

So What Makes Me Credible?

  • I have over 15-years of creative design, brand development, marketing, editorial and business development experience
  • I have been a part of a number of different business ventures in various fields, including real estate development, video production, sports and entertainment management, new media production, to name a few
  • I have launched, designed and managed two specialty magazines: wakeUPgirl Magazine (CLICK HERE>> to view a copy) and Invest with Passion Magazine
  • And, most recently, I launched and ran a boutique consulting and brand development firm, where I helped clients take their vision, dreams, ideas and goals from concept to reality
  • I have developed business and marketing plans, websites, logos, marketing materials, and other graphic design elements – positioning my clients for success and next level growth
  • I have successfully worked with authors, speakers, writers, pastors, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, coaches, consultants, real estate investors, industry experts/gurus and executives…
  • I have been in church all my life and I have the ability to balance ministry and business.  So whether you are called to the ministry or marketplace, I have you covered

Here’s Another Exciting Tidbit

I absolutely love to write.  I am the author of a book entitled, “Destiny Starter:  The Ultimate Guide to Discovering, Strategizing and Executing God’s Plan for Your Life,” a biblically-rich, inspiring and practical guide that walks readers step-by-step  through extracting and launching their life vision into motion.

I am currently writing, “Is It Worth It? The Cost of Saying YES to the Call!,” which examines the process that key biblical characters experienced in pursuit of fulfilling the CALL on their lives. It will also feature short stories from real life individuals who are walking in their purpose, with the ultimate goal of revealing proven strategies and patterns.

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Anita’s One-Sheet


Anita Clinton is truly an asset to all she comes in contact with.She possesses a wealth of information about business development and she is always willing to share her knowledge. Anita is responsible for the branding and success of the ADPR Designation Program. From concept to implementation Anita’s input was invaluable to designations success and implementation. Without Anita the business plan, design, and branding of the program would not have occurred.

~Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Marki Lemons Unlimited, Inc.

My Idea of Fun

When I’m not helping people connect to their purpose in life, I can be found:

  • At the gun range…I own two firearms and I would love, love, love to pursue competition shooting at some point in the future
  • Watching my favorite tv shows:  Shark Tank and The Profit
  • Exhaling…I do so much and when I get a free moment to exhale and relax, I jump right on it
  • Ok, I admit, I probably need to get out and live a little more – I promise to work on that!

There’s More…If You Really Want It

Well hopefully that’s enough about me, but if you really want to know more:

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